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Gary Glitter should never be released from jail, says former

Glitter recalled to prison

Gary Glitter should spend the rest of his life in prison after being recalled to jail, the former head of Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit has said. The Probation Service said on Monday that Glitter was being recalled to prison following a breach of his licence conditions.

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History of abuse

Speaking to TalkTV’s Mike Graham, Dai Davies said: “I don’t think he should ever be released. If you look up his history, going back to the late 70s, the man has not stopped abusing or dealing in child pornography. “He should have been given a whole life sentence. This man will never be reformed, what kind of idiot judge thinks he will?”

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Breach of conditions

Details of Glitter’s breach were not given, but The Sun reported he tried to access the Dark Web on a mobile phone. Mr Davies continued: “You just couldn’t make it up. He is banned from 16 different countries, he is an evil man.”

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Survivor’s perspective

A survivor of child abuse has also come forward and Glitter’s recall to prison “proves that paedophiles cannot be rehabilitated”. Laura Stewart, from Bournemouth, was abused as a child and her attacker served 17 months in prison for six counts of sexual assault. He has since been removed from the sex offenders register. Ms Stewart has launched a petition calling for offenders to be denied the right to be removed from the register after 15 years. She said Glitter’s recall to prison confirms sex offenders cannot be rehabilitated.

Glam rock’s fall from grace

Glitter was released in February, halfway through his 16-year sentence for sexually abusing three schoolgirls. He was at the height of his fame when he preyed on his victims, who thought no-one would believe their claims because of his celebrity status. The offences came to light nearly 40 years after they occurred when Glitter became the first person to be arrested under Operation Yewtree – the investigation launched by the Metropolitan Police in the wake of the Jimmy Savile scandal. His fall from grace occurred years earlier after he admitted possessing 4,000 child pornography images and was jailed for four months in 1999.

Unlikely to be released

When asked about Glitter’s latest return to prison, the former head of Scotland Yard’s Paedophile Unit Mike Hames said: “[I have] No doubt he’ll serve the next eight years of his sentence… He’ll probably die in prison.”

Credit: https://talk.tv/news/4917/gary-glitter-child-rapist-will-probably-die-in-prison


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